Silhouette...  This can't be good.  Hm, she's angry, isn't she...?
"Sonoda Keiko-san, you are now dismissed from all clubs, the dorm's self-government association, culture circles and all other organizations you belong to."

The day after Keiko shared her umbrella with Touga, Nanami calls to meet with her. Dismissing Keiko from every organization that she belongs to, Nanami proves that she is not a force to be reconned with. When poor Keiko-san asks why, Nanami just becomes more enraged, telling her not to play dumb.

"How careless I was!", says the Kiryuu girl. "The real troublesome insect was right under my feet! To think that I didn't notice until today! I told you, I won't allow even a single insect to swarm on my brother. I'll thoroughly exterminate all troublesome insects like you."

So called 'friend' #1.  The gang.  The victim.  So called 'friend' #2.
Gosh, wouldn't want any friends like THOSE two...  And she falls to her knees...  Alone...all alone...

With that, Nanami walks away, leaving dear Keiko devastated. Seeing Aiko and Yuuko, she runs to them, and literally begs them to intercede with Nanami on her behalf, telling them they are the only ones who can help her. But, the two mobsters pretend not to hear Keiko-san and run off to join Nanami. At this point, Keiko falls to her knees, crying. Having no other choice, no one to turn to, Keiko goes to Nemuro Hall for an interview.

The interview.  Tearing up.  On the floor...
This pic scares me a little...
"I admired Nanami-sama from the bottom of my heart. That's what I believed, and I've been serving her. But actually, that wasn't true. I was only with Nanami-sama to get close to Touga-sama, even the littlest bit. Without that reason, who'd want to be with her?"

"Deeper...go deeper."

"That selfish...I'm a single girl! What's wrong with me falling in love with someone? Why do I have to hold back because of her? Just because she's Touga-sama's little sister, she monopolizes his love. Even before my own eyes! And that girl has no I felt all this time! She doesn't even try to understand!"

Keiko and Touga. *shrugs*  Ew, she's touching his chest  o_O  And the spirit sword is extracted.

Keiko's little "revelation" to Mikage proves to be quite interesting. Contrary to what she has been projecting, Keiko absolutely despises Nanami. All her anger against Nanami leads her to drawing Touga's "spirit sword" and becoming a Black Rose duelist...

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