Um...nice hands?
"Let's be friends."

The highlight of Keiko's "career" in Shoujo Kakumei Utena is none other than episode 21, entitled "Warui Mushi" or "Troublesome Insects".

This episode is in fact very interesting, since we get to know Keiko a little better, knowing why she hangs around Nanami, reluctantly obeying her every command. She is also portrayed as a real human being with feelings, instead of just a servant, made to obey orders.

Oh, Kiryuu-san, you're on day duty, right? Wipe the blackboard, would you?  Miki gets invited...
So does Wakaba...  ...and even Chuchu!

Touga has been in a state of depression ever since he was defeated by Utena in a previous duel. He doesn't attend classes at the academy, or the student council for that matter. He just stays locked up in his dorm, alone. Of course, his dear anee-chan, Nanami, is concerned, so, being the thoughtful little sister that she is, she decides to throw a party for him. Thus, she sends out her henchwomen to go invite all the prominent people at the academy and to get everything ready.

"For Touga-sama and Nanami-sama, let's work together and get everything ready!"

Keiko, Aiko and Yuuko work very hard to have all the preparations ready on time. But, Keiko seems pretty enthusiastic and spirited about the idea of the party. That's because it will be the first time she sees Touga in a while, so she wants everything to be absolutely perfect. But, on the other hand, she is depressed, because she knows that Touga won't be paying any attention to a low class girl as herself.

New dress, eh?  Oh, darlin', you look fab!

Dispite the fact of her "low status" in society, Keiko gets a brand new dress for the party, hoping that the red-haired wonder (pfft...) will catch a glimpse of her.

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