Where's all the fandom?

As you all probably know, Keiko works are extremely hard to find. So, any Keiko related work you can provide this site with (Keiko related, being something about her, Aiko, Oose or even Nanami) would be greatly appreciated. So, send in your fanarts, fanfics, poems! Here are the guidelines:

-For fanart, try to keep it under 450 x 450 pixels and 100k. (if this requirement is not met, I will NOT re-size the picture, and it will NOT be posted. Sorry, but I don't feel like wasting my time re-sizing stuff.)
-For fanart, must be in jpg. or .gif format. No other formats will be accepted.
-For fanfics and poems, try to send them in .txt format. No .doc

Also, here's more stuff that you can contribute:

-Some Keiko related information that isn't already here
-Decent images of Keiko

If you have any of this stuff, please, send it to me. Rest assured, I WILL give you credit.

And now, for the fandom...

Warui Mushi ~ Troublesome Insects - This short, but wonderful fanfiction was written by Samantha (you go, girl!). Finally, another person who understands Keiko as I do ^_^ Just to let you all know, it's a narrative. Enjoy!

  *NEW* Troubled Insects - Ooh la la, more fanfiction! This one comes from Blade. Sankyuu!

I drew this. With a comp mouse
By me! ^_^